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21. Health and Safety Multiple Choice

Download this resource from the link towards the bottom of the page

20 multiple-choice questions, used in conjunction with A,B,C,D response cards.

Suitable for level 1 students and ideal for both individual or group activity. Makes activity participation visible and encourages peer to peer discussion. Place out in any order.

Presented on PowerPoint slides for easy checking. When printing, remember to print on one side only. Best laminated for longevity.

21. BTTB Health and Safety Multiple Choice Card Placement
Download PPTX • 57KB

To support students who would benefit from a reader during sessions, the links below are for:

  1. A revised set of question and answer sheets in the download link below

  2. A video of the questions and answers being read (Link here). If you wish to send this video link directly to your students, please copy, paste and send this link: Questions read by Lesley McKenna

*Collaboration with Lesley McKenna

21b. BTTB Health and Safety Multiple Choice for Reader (numbered)
Download PPTX • 95KB


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