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10. BTTB Level 2 Constructing Decorative Brickwork

Extending a students knowledge beyond the routine brickwork and blockwork in the earlier level 2 pack, this series of stand-alone tasks introduces arches, angled work, detached piers, corbelling, problem solving and more.

Use as a full pack or select single tasks for students from the 20 tasks contained within this document. These work best when students are encouraged to independently research the detail required to complete each task. Useful as stretch and challenge activity for level 2 students who would benefit from such, and/or for students who are undertaking independent study or homework.

In addition to questions demanding technical information answers, there are numeracy and literacy tasks that relate directly to the role of a bricklayer completing construction site activities.

*This is a revision of a pack I first created in 2002/3 and was widely distributed at that time. It was originally mapped to a specific NVQ Unit and also referenced a CITB drawing. The mapping, referencing and unrelated activities have been removed.

Download this resource from the link towards the bottom of the page

10. BTTB Individual Tasks - Level 2 Constructing Decorative Brickwork
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