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13. BTTB (mpa) Mortar, Types, Characteristics and Data Sheets

Updated: May 29, 2023

Download this resource from the link towards the bottom of the page

10 links to mpa data sheets for students to review and match names and relevant statements. An effective introduction to datasheets, diverse mortar detail, with opportunities during checks on learning to further develop students' understanding. Links to data sheets through the Presentation if using a PC, or through the QR Code handout if students are to access through their mobile devices. An online multiple-choice activity linked to the datasheets is due to be uploaded shortly.

Presented on PowerPoint slides for easy checking. When printing, remember to print on one side only. (You will need to print, ideally laminate, and cut the cards to size before use.)

13. BTTB MPA QR Code Read and Place Card Activity
Download PPTX • 126KB


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